In this series, The Wonders guide you to recognize that though you have a spiritual perspective, there are areas you still judge, see yourself lacking in, and fear. In order to let your spirit set the tone of your life and not your mind, realize that you can integrate your spiritual desires with your practical, pragmatic living.
Listen along as The Wonders guide audience members to their own spiritual awarenesses and breakthroughs.

Includes the following recordings:
1. Let's Make A Review
2. What Else Have We Missed?
3. Let's Discover Some More
4. How Come Only Some Gets Applied?
5. There's More To Dig Into
6. Can't Really Truly Express All Of It
7. The Finite And The Infinite
8. There Is More Here, There Is More. We Know.
9. Leaving Everything Behind
10. Changing The Course Of History
11. Moving Further Into A New Concept
12. This Is Really Going Fast
13. Please, Can We Slow Down?
14. There Goes The Mind Once More
15. Time For The Soul To Assert Itself
16. You Will Do What I Choose
17. Make No Mistakes, I Am In Charge
18. And Who Is The I?
19. Realizing The Full Potential Of The Self
20. There Is That Brilliance All Over Again

Total listening time: 4:37:00

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Integrating Into Life All Previous Concepts - Series 1079

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