In the final workshop of 2019, you will observe your movement through life, that which you struggle with, that which you fear, that which you judge, that which you love, that which you appreciate in order to help you reframe your existence.
The Wonders reveal that it is now time to try something new, and help you realize just how easy that can be.


Includes the following recordings:

1. You've Been Exploring Now For A While
2. Yes, It Has Been A While
3. How Long Will It Take?
4. Are You Ready To Let Go?
5. What Is It That's Holding You Back?
6. Do You Ever Listen To Yourself?
7. Do You Find The Humor In Your Illusions?
8. As Brilliant As Your Illusions Are, They Do Create
9. But Are They Creating What You Want?
10. Is Desire The Same As Choice?
11. If You Could, What Would You Choose?
12. The Words Could, Would And Should How Powerful Are These?
13. Are You Ready To Let Go Of The Psychology Of Self Harm?
14. Do You Feel The Pull To Your Physical Reality?
15. Let Go, You Will Not Die
16. Hold On And You Will Die
17. Defining For Yourself Your Love And Your Life
18. Please Continue Your Expressions
19. This Will End Soon
20. Can You Realize Your Self Without Fear?

Total listening time: 6:14:00

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If This Was Easy, Then Life Itself Would Be - Series 1216

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