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It's easy to say to yourself, "If I had know this, my life would be so much different."And you can think about all the ways your life could've been different. But is living that way really loving to yourself?

This amazing workshop helps you realize that that particular direction is disempowering to you.

In order to empower yourself, there is a true necessity to bring to yourself the awareness of how much you love yourself. Everything The Wonders have spoken has been designed to assist you in loving yourself more.

This workshop explores your justifications, your judgments, your resistance, and the difficulty you have in really making a choice.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Why Didn't You Tell Me?

2. Oh, But I Did

3. No You Didn't

4. Yes We Did

5. Who's We?

6. We Are

7. I Don't Recognize You

8. Yes You Do

9. I'm Sure I Don't

10. Of Course You Do

11. I'm Pretty Sure I Don't

12. We're Pretty Sure You Do

13. Why The Argument?

14. You're Arguing

15. No I'm Not

16. Neither Are We

17. What's The Benefit?

18. You Tell Us

19. I Can't See Any

20. There You Go, Now You're Learning


Total listening time: 05:15:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

If I Had Known This Then I Would Be Very Different - Series 1023

SKU: 1023-c-16
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