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This series is designed to give you support, direction, understanding, perspective that will move you into a perspective of existence whereby there is no longer a necessity to look to the "how-to" of existence. To this point, most of you - virtually all of you - have patterned your existence on the basis of methodologies, techniques. You use methodologies and techniques to move you from one perspective to another perspective. And as a result, if you observe your society, you have a proliferation of books on how-to, each one designed to give you a methodology, a technique, a perspective that would assist you in moving through circumstances of existence, through choices, and bring you from one point to another point in your existence. And the how-to continues to proliferate. Much like a 12-step program for "how-to" addicts, this series will help you to realize your own abilities and your own creations, not just a mimicking of others' creations.

Includes the following recordings:


Step 1 - Waltz This Way, Waltz That Way
Here, The Wonders emphasize our necessity to choose as a means to move ourselves beyond methodologies and techniques.


Step 2 - Lets Jive
We explore how in moving beyond judgment and control, we can let go of the need for? how to.?


Step 3 - A Little Rumba Anybody?
We begin to understand the movements that we use to establish methodologies.


Step 4 - You Fox I Trot
Here, we gain an understanding of the steps necessary to? move beyond the how-to.


Step 5 - You Latin Hunk
A look at how we idolize the methodologies we use.


Step 6 - Lets Tango
Here, we explore the movement of creation. 


Total listening time: 6:16:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

How To Move Beyond The How-To - Series 232

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