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This series is an exploration of how society can recreate itself into a new paradigm based on self-appreciation and self-love.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Laying The Foundation Of Self Empowerment 
Learning to choose freely for your own benefit will translate into the creation of a society where everyone chooses freely for their own benefit and, as a result, the benefit of society. 

2. Setting The Goals For Self Government 
The Wonders provide four concise goals for all to follow in order to create a loving society. These goals would replace the laws that we are presently using to define society. 

3. Writing The Manual Necessary For Everyone 
The Wonders provide everyone with a manual for creating a loving society. Surprise! Its the Defining Statements Of Existence with a bit of a twist. 

4. Encouraging The Union Of All 
The common purpose of existence is to be loving to yourselves and, as a result, loving to each other. Once this is achieved, society will heal itself. 

5. Actual Description Of A Functional Loving Society 
The Wonders explore in great detail the Lemurian Society of the past and provide insights into its functioning. 

6. Final Choices To Be Made 
In order to create a loving society, there is but one final choice to make - to actually create it. The Wonders encourage all to do so.


Total listening time:04:33:00
Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

How To Create A Loving Society - Series 445

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