This series is an exploration of the many rules and how you live by them, how you're affected by them and how attached you are to them. It'll give you the opportunity to go past them, but then again, it's just an opportunity.


Session Titles:


1. Let's Explore Some Of These Rules


2. Did You Really Think You Weren't Affected By Them?


3. What Psychologies And Belief Structures Limit You?


4. Can't You See Past Your Own Nose?


5. If A Rule Is In Place Why Must It Be Followed?


6. Life Has Many Rules Doesn't It?


7. Rules That You Can Let Go Of – And Rules To Hold Onto – Chuckle - Chuckle


8. Given Your Propensity For Change …


9. Oh let's Do Another Trigger – Not The Horse


10. How Free Are You Really?


11. Choose Again - You Might Choose Differently


12. Oops – Guess You Didn't


13. Strip The Bark – Get To The Wood


14. Another Illusion Uncovered


15. Can't Believe We’re Doing This Again


16. But We Are


17. One Foot In Front Of The Other – There You Go


18. You've Crawled Long Enough


19. Off Your Knees Now


20. Celebration Of Victory


Total listening time: 10:23:00

How Do I Free Myself From The Rules Of Life? - Series 875

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