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Réné leads this workshop to help the participants gain a real-world understanding of what it means to live consciously with everything they have learned from The Wonders so far. He helps each participant realize blockages that are stopping them and explains what it takes for them to start choosing differently.

This is a workshop that explores the impact of conscious living for individuals, society, and for all of existence.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Boy, I Can't Make Up My Mind
2. I Never Could
3. That's Just Exactly Like The Last Workshop
4. We Know, Don't You Love It?
5. Well, I'm Not Sure
6. Why Do You Doubt It?
7. I'm Not Really Sufficient
8. But I Love Myself
9. Do You Really?
10. Well I Was Pretty Sure I Did
11. How Do I Know For Sure?
12. Don't Doubt
13. How Can I Not Doubt, I'm Sufficient
14. Are You?
15. Well I Was Pretty Sure I Was
16. Uh, Maybe Not
17. Why Not?
18. Don't Ask Us, You're The One Asking The Questions
19. Why Don't You Ask A Different Question?
20. Because I Don't Know Whether To Go Here Or There Or There Or Here Or Everywhere

Total listening time: 07:44:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Here, There, Left, Right ' What's Next? - Series 1284

SKU: 1284-c-21
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