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Everybody wants to live a little longer. We all want to remain smart, healthy, sexual, attractive, and to have amazing relationships as we progress through life. What if we could reverse the aging process? Reverse disease? Regenerate cells? What if we could live longer? 90, 105, 120 years, and actually enjoy it? What if we could learn about health practices beyond what the medical community is aware of? Yet finding a health program that's designed specifically for us is a massive, expensive, and time-consuming project. How can we know which recent health fad or medical breakthrough is right for our bodies?

The Health Retreat recordings answer these questions about health, health practices, and what is required to live a long and healthy life right now.


Includes the following recordings:

Day 1
1. Reviewing The Psychologies And Beliefs Around Health
2. Maintaining The Physical Health In An Easy Way
3. Control And Command Aspects Of Health


Day 2
4. Exploring The Underlying Genetic Issues Of Health
5. Changing Genetic Patterns To Support Health
6. Telomeres, Cell Replication, Stem Cells - How Can We Expand On These?


Day 3
7. Juicing And Cleansing - Do They Really Help Our Health?
8. Exercise And The Macrobiotic Diet - Do They Complement Each Other?
9. Meditation As An Effective Health Benefit


Day 4
10. Alternative Therapies And How To Use Them To Our Advantage
11. Live Long And Prosper - Can It Be Done?
12. Stem Cell Research And Its Projected Benefits - An Exploration


Day 5
13. An Exploration Of The Use Of Micro-Surgery And Nanobots
14. Will 3D Printing Help You Live Longer?
15. Living Longer And Enjoying An Active Sex Life


Day 6
16. Can The Mind Remain Sharp - How?
17. Waiting For Death Or Living Large!
18. The Hereditary Factor - Is It Real?


Day 7
19. Can You Be Truly Healthy?
20. Audience Questions About Personal Health
21. Wrapping Up Your Questions And Setting You On The Healthy Path


Total listening time: 17:32:00


Please note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Health Retreat: Exploring And Understanding The Underlying...

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