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What is the psychology that stops you from expressing yourself spiritually in your life?
This complete audio recording of the 2018 retreat follows participants as they uncover what stops them from expressing their spiritual selves in their everyday lives.


Includes the following recordings:

Day 1
1. Understanding The Mind
2. Relating It To The Soul
3. If You Can't Buy Love, What Is There?


Day 2
4. Is The Gap Really That Large?
5. Practical Movement For The Mind
6. If It's A Jingle, Can We Sing It?


Day 3
7. Going Beyond The Simplicity Of Thought
8. Repetition, Repetition. Why Is This So Difficult?
9. Is Prayer Really The Answer?


Day 4
10. The Humor Of The Universe
11. The Journey To Dying
12. Moving Towards Living Life


Day 5
13. Commanding The Self, Not The Mind
14. Setting Aside Resistance And Judgments
15. Recognizing That Which You Can


Day 6
16. Truly Experiencing Love
17. Humanity's Affection For Self-Harm
18. Growth, Expansion, Contraction - An Exploration


Day 7
19. Learning To Walk Across The Chasm
20. Let Us All Choose
21. A Gift To Humanity From You


Total listening time: 11:24:00


Please note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Healing The Rift Between The Mind And The Soul - 2018 Retreat

SKU: 1125-r-18
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