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This will be an exploration of the concepts around limitlessness and limits.

Session Titles:

1. A Defining Statement – This Is Not

2. Interesting Concept – Let’s Explore

3. What Are Your Perspectives On This?

4. Do You Truly Understand?

5. What Are You Talking About?

6. Digging Into Yourselves

7. You Think You Know – Not Yet

8. What Will It Take To Know?

9. If That’s All It Took – Why Not Before?

10. Please - Give Us Examples Of Yourselves

11. Here I Am – Where Are You?

12. Tighten Your Belt The Pants Are Dropping

13. Humor And Life And You

14. Choice – Limits – Judgment – Let’s Explore

15. Running Out Of Options – What Else Is There?

16. When Do Limits Create Chaos?

17. Is There An End?

18. Why Oh Why Can’t I?

19. I Just Want to Choose

20. I’ve Forgotten How


Total listening time: 05:45:00

Granted Limits – Why Do I Choose Limitlessness? - Series 952

SKU: 952-c-14
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