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When you look at your psychologies, your thinking, your actions, your inactions, at what you do and you don't do, is there a rigidity that has formed itself?

In this series, The Wonders explore creating a flexibility that is so complete, you don't find yourself with any rigidities at all.


Includes the following recordings:

1. This Is My Reality
2. What Can I Do With It?
3. I Don't Understand How To Change It
4. What Else Is There?
5. It's Too Solid, It's Too Rigid
6. How Do I Get Flexibility Within This?
7. Is Spirit Flexible?
8. The Oak And The Blade Of Grass
9. How Do I Bend To Move With The Rhythm?
10. What If The Rhythm Doesn't Allow Me To Bend?
11. Exploring The Depth Of Living
12. Rigidity Of Life Is The Mind's Control
13. Why Did We Have To Bring The Mind Into This?
14. Spirit And Spirituality - What Do They Have In Common?
15. There's More That We Can Explore- Are You Ready?
16. You Must Be Willing To Change
17. Without Change Nothing Else Can Be Done
18. You May Be Determined But You Must Now Choose
19. The Rigidity Is Holding You Back
20. Be So Flexible That Nothing Is Defined

Total listening time: 5:24:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Going Beyond Manifested Spirituality - An Exploration - Series 1087

SKU: 1087-c-17
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