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And this will be a workshop, on - as it says - complexity of choice, but it will show how much you resist choosing a simplicity - The Wonders


Session Titles:


1. Welcome Back

2. What Did You Learn From The Last Workshop?

3. Do You See How Easy It Is?

4. Or Maybe For You It’s Really Hard?

5. Two Balls – A Plate – And An Idea

6. How Have You Done Juggling Those Three?

7. Which One Was Easiest?

8. Why Is Choice So Complex?

9. Digging Into Your Judgments Around Choice

10. You Can Move Easily – Start Believing

11. It Is Time To Truly Choose

12. Let Go Of The Lip Service You Keep Paying

13. This Must Be Very Expensive

14. Pay Dear Rene And Maggie One Dollar

15. For Every Try You Owe

16. Others Will Get Rich From You

17. Ah – You’re Finally Giving It Up

18. Amazing How Money Is The Incentive

19. Just The Idea Can Make Things Easy

20. What Will You Do Next?


Total listening time: 03:49:00

Giving Power To The Complexity Of Choice - Series 924

SKU: 924-c-14
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