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All of you are proper. All of you have the propriety of physicality, the propriety of ego and personality and mind. But is there more?

This particular workshop is a journey to discover, is there more? And though you can say, in your minds, I think so, the answer is not, I think so. The answer is, let's explore and find out. - The Wonders


Includes the following recordings:


1. Do You Have To Be Good To Be Good?

2. Is It Okay To Be Bad? Can We Be Good?

3. If I'm Bad, Does That Mean I'm Only Bad?

4. What's Acceptable And What's Not?

5. Why Is It That Everyone's Looking At Me?

6. And You Thought You Were Different

7. Acceptability And Its Consequences

8. New Awareness About Yourselves

9. One Plus One Doesn't Always Equal Two

10. Given Movement, Where Do We Go From Here?

11. Why Does Judgment Exist?

12. Why Do I Use It?

13. If I Can't Have Judgment, What's Next?

14. Reframing The Mind To Follow The Self

15. Building A New Empire

16. Yoda Doesn't Really Know Everything

17. You, Too, Can Define Your Existence

18. Given These Understandings, Where Do You Go Next?

19. Creating Harmony  Will That Move Us?

20. Without Propriety, This Workshop Would Not Exist


Total listening time: 6:44:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Given Propriety, Is There More? - Series 1008

SKU: 1008-c-15
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