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Complete collection of the 2016 Thursday study group.

This will be an exploration of techniques, methodologies, and constructs that lead you to be more into the moment as you choose and reinforce the knowledge, awareness, and understandings that you have about choice and what it can offer you.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Now That You Are Here, Where Do You Want To Go? (January)
2. Though You Know What To Do, Will You? (February)
3. Deepening The Understanding Of Movement For Yourself (March)
4. The Key To Awakening All Within Yourself (April)
5. Brightening The Self, Choosing More, Growing More (May)
6. Changing The Modality That You Live With (June)
7. Balancing The Brilliance Of The Mind With The Self (July)
8. New Techniques, New Format  Let's Explore (August)
9. If Choice Is Easy, Why Not Experience It More? (September)
10. Playing The Banjo, Pulling The Strings (October)
11. Applying The Knowledge And Moving Forward (November)
12. This Is The Board From Which You Spring (December)

Total listening time: 7:07:00

    Given Choice, What Practical Movement Can Now Take Place? - Study Group 1063

    SKU: 1063-c-16
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