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This series explores a variety of highly debated constructs, giving insights into what goes on after death, in-between lives, what happens to your choices when you come back to life, and more of the concepts you've always questioned.

Includes the following recordings:


1. What Happens After Death? 
In this session you will explore further the process of dying and what occurs before, during and after death. 

2. Are Ghosts Real? Are Goblins Real?
An interesting exploration of the concepts of ghosts and goblins. 

3. Do Exorcisms Serve Any Purpose? 
An in-depth exploration of the concept of exorcism, its ties to the religious community, and how it has affected society. 

4. Poltergeists - Are They Real Or Imaginary?
An exploration of poltergeists and how similar it is to telekinesis. 

5. Having Fun On Halloween 
An exploration of what occurs to the ghostly world on Halloween. 

6. Imagining More
An exploration of imagination and its expansion that would allow you to perceive more of existence.


Total listening time:05:25:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.


Ghosts, Goblins, And Other Imaginary Objects - Series 473

SKU: 473-c-05
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