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Third dimensional reality, as real as it is to your mind and to your ego, is simply a perspective. And yet, you see everything around you and structured and rigid, something that cannot be changed and altered.

In this series, The Wonders introduce the concept that third dimensional reality is rather fluid and movable, and that it is our judgment that maintains the rigidity and structure.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Exploring Third Dimensional Reality As You Know It
2. Revising The Definition
3. That Which You Think You Know Is Not All That There Is
4. Given The Understanding You Have, What Else Is There?
5. You, Too, Can Command This Dimension Of Reality
6. Understanding The Limitations Under Which You Live
7. That Which You Are Is More Than That Which You Perceive
8. Moving Towards A Greater Experience
9. Please Refrain From Clapping
10. Joyful Expression Is Allowed
11. Welcome To The Universe
12. That Which You Choose, You Will Enjoy
13. Okay, Maybe You won't.
14. Control And Command Belong In Third Dimensional Reality
15. Digging Further Into The Limitations That Control Implies
16. Not All Things Are Created Equal
17. Look At Your Illusions, Look At Your Fears.
18. Discover For Yourselves The Brilliance That Exists
19. Third Dimensional Reality Was A Brilliant Creation
20. This Workshop Is But The Beginning Of The Exploration

Total listening time: 4:44:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Getting Deeper Into The Concept Of Third Dimensional Reality - Series 1153

SKU: 1153-c-18
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