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This series continues the exploration of child-like energy. Though you have begun the exploration of your child-like energy - having understood from the last workshop (Let's Play In The Mud) what child-like energy is all about - you now find yourself in a process of growth, of experience, of expression, of expansion. So the key is, what do you do next? Where will the exploration take you? What will you discover for yourself? This is an experiential workshop where you will invest yourself in the moment in order to experience the benefits of child-like energy in your life.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Now I'm Growing
Child-like energy is the basis of our existence; it is the joy that manifests itself through choice - an exploration of these concepts.

2. Now I'm Here
Once child-like energy is understood, we must choose to apply it in our lives. We must get out of our minds and into our very essence of being.

3. Getting Older - What Do I Do?
As we get older we anchor ourselves into adult-like energy. But child-like energy is the energy of wonderment, the basis of all questions.

4. Why Can't I Keep Playing?
Once we've uncovered the true nature of child-like energy, we must continue the exploration of the universe with it.

5. Why Does The Work Have To Interfere
Child-like energy is not an energy of push, of resistance, of work. These concepts are all about adult-like energy, and bring about states of disease.

6. The Cycle Begins Again
By repeating our cycles, we reduce the child-like energy of our existence. Includes a meditation on child-like energy.



Total listening time: 5:30:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Four Years Old And Holding - Series 358

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