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This series is an exploration of the interrelationship of food and the birth of a child, from conception to childhood. The Wonders explore how the very fabric of food itself affects the child. If the father does not have a good diet, and the mother does not have a good diet - and not within a month or two prior to conception but for a long period of time prior to conception - then the bodies of both cannot provide the energy necessary to create a child of optimum benefit.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Do Foods Affect Birth?

2. What About Conception?

3. Plain Foods, Complicated Foods. What Do I Choose?

4. Optimal Diet For Mothers To Be

5. I Got ‘Em. Now What Do I Do?

6. Reevaluating The Health Of The Child



Total listening time: 4:22:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Food And Birth - How Do They Relate? - Series 586

SKU: 586-c-07
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