Complete collection of the 2015 Thursday study group, Flexible Rigidity And Its Benefits.

This will be an exploration of inclusivity, from a variety of different perspectives, each one designed to trigger the ego, the mind, to deepen and broaden the choice of the self. And it will end with a little Christmas present from ourselves to you. And we only say Christmas because so many people enjoy Christmas. Perhaps all of you - not you agnostics - but everybody else does.

Includes the following recordings:


January - 1. Creating An Understanding Of Flexibility

February - 2. Using That Understanding

March - 3. Moving Beyond The Constructs Presently Used

April - 4. Tools That Magnify The Impact Of Choice

May - 5. Convincing The Mind That You Know What You�re Doing

June - 6. Does Rigidity Expand Or Contract Inclusivity?

July - 7. Powerful Love And Its Benefits

August - 8. Exploration Of The Limits That Stop You From Joining Your Oneness

September - 9. Giving Strength To The Choice Of Love

October - 10. Brilliant Manifestations � A Review

November - 11. Choosing The Pathway For Forward Movement

December - 12. Twelve Gifts Of Christmas



Total listening time: 5:58:00


Please note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.


Flexible Rigidity And Its Benefits - Study Group 1015

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