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Failure And Its Success - Series 378

Excerpt from Session #378-1-03: The Definition Of Failure According To The Bible

This series explores the concepts of failure and success that you have taken on in your life and establishes a new paradigm of what failure and success really is.

Includes the following recordings:

1. The Definition Of Failure According To The Bible
The bible provides a definition of failure based on anticipating the results. Remove the anticipation of results and actions no longer end in failure or success. 

2. The Failure Of The Bible 
In order to maintain itself as the absolute authority, the bible had to imply that all persons were failures. In this it also failed. We are all realizing our own sufficiency regardless of others' definitions. 

3. I Try But I Can't Make It 
The best way to ensure failure - as previously defined - is to try something with the intent to not achieve it. This is a psychology that though we think we don't use, permeates our choices constantly. 

4. So Much Talent - So Little Ability 
It is our perception that we have a large amount of talent with very little ability that keeps us in the failure mode. It is this constant measurement that leads to the judgment of not being good enough. 

5. Failure As A Choice 
It's our ability to choose that provides us with the opportunity to decide whether or not to view ourselves as a failure or whether to view ourselves simply as sufficient. Understanding this principle is paramount to changing our lives. 

6. Moving Beyond The Concept Of Failure 
To move beyond the concept of failure requires a constant and continuous willingness on our part to maintain the original choice of sufficiency.


Total listening time: 06:08:00

Failure And Its Success - Series 378

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