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This workshop explores the interrelationship between the doubts you have and the choices you make and what it takes to not let doubt stop you from creating the life you really want.

This is an exploration, even though the titles are very simple, of self-doubt and realizing the extent to which it influences you, your psychologies, your belief structures, your habits, your patterns, your behaviors and how, in so doing, limits you.


Includes the following recordings:

1. I Don't Doubt Anything
2. Oh, Yes You Do
3. What Do I Doubt?
4. Everything
5. No, I Don't
6. Yes, You Do
7. Prove It To Me
8. Didn't We Just?
9. This Can't Be All There Is
10. What If There Was?
11. It's Too Simple
12. Why Must It Be Complicated?
13. I Don't Understand
14. Exactly
15. Please Explain
16. We Have
17. I Still Don't Understand
18. Of Course Not
19. What's The Point?
20. Because You're Still Doubting

Total listening time: 6:05:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Expressing The Doubts Within Us - Series 1279

SKU: 1279-c-21
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