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Complete collection of the 2016 Tuesday study group.
This will be an exploration of love, of applying it into practical relationships, meeting people, expanding your interrelationships with people and most of all opening your heart to more.

Includes the following recordings:

January - 1. A Review Of The Present Moment
February - 2. Making A Choice And Applying It This Month
March - 3. Giving Yourself An Opportunity To Love Someone
April - 4. Opening Your Heart To More
May - 5. Creating A New Foundation For The Coming Year
June - 6. One Step At A Time  Don't Go Too Fast
July - 7. What's Love Got To Do With It?
August - 8. Playing With Emotions
September - 9. Being Open Vulnerably And Lovingly
October - 10. Exercises To Expand The Heart Chakra
November - 11. Choosing Again For The Coming Year
December - 12. Bringing The Love To The Self That You've Experienced All Year

Total listening time: 6:39:00

    Expressing Love More Clearly - Study Group 1064

    SKU: 1064-c-16
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