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Exposing The Fear That Is In The World Today - Series 1232

Excerpt from Session #1232-01-20: Let’s Review History

In these recordings, The Wonders explore COVID-19 as well as what it would take for humanity to start changing its direction from one of contraction and fear to one of expansion and choice.

The Wonders answer participant questions, including:

  •  Where did Covid-19 really come from?
  •  How effective are face masks?
  •  What will be the economic impact after the shutdown?
  •  What opportunities will come from the "new normal"?
  •  How do you ease the panic and fears around Covid-19?


Includes the following recordings:

  1. Let's Review History
  2. Where Is The World At Now Presently?
  3. Prepare Yourselves - Maybe You Should Have Read A Newspaper
  4. How Can You Attend This Workshop And Not Know?
  5. Why Is This So Difficult For You?
  6. What Psychologies Are You Afraid Of?
  7. What Is Your Inner Resistance?
  8. Overcoming Adversity
  9. Choosing The Ease Of Movement
  10. Can't Buy Me Love, Why Is This So Difficult?
  11. Why Is Humanity So Insistent On Harming Itself?
  12. Can Things Change?
  13. If Change Is Possible, Why Not Now?
  14. How Easy Is It To Hate?
  15. Why Is The Negative More Influential?
  16. Why Is Love So Difficult?
  17. What Will It Take To Change Human Consciousness?
  18. Repetition Into Disaster
  19. Given The Knowledge, Given The Awareness, What's Next?
  20. Providing Energy To Remove The Blockage

Total listening time: 07:46:00

Exposing The Fear That Is In The World Today - Series 1232

SKU: 1232-c-20
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