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Exploring Universal Perspectives - Series 1369

Excerpt from Session #1369-01-23: Are All Perspectives Manmade?

This is an exploration of universal perspectives, universal choices that would help you to realize how you yourself live in this reality and what the effect of reality is on yourself.

Includes the following recordings:

  1. Are All Perspectives Manmade?
  2. Can A Perspective Be Non-Universal?

  3. Coming To A Realization About Your Perspectives
  4. Exploring Through Questions The Limits You Have
  5. Another Perspective To Universality
  6. What If…
  7. Greetings From The Almighty – Yuck, Yuck ,Yuck
  8. Now You Have Tools, Start Exploring

Total listening time: 02:53:00

Exploring Universal Perspectives - Series 1369

SKU: 1369-c-23
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