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This series is an exploration that will take you deeply into the imagination of the universe to allow you to explore beyond the physical realm that you have, for yourselves, defined.

To allow you to open yourselves so that you can recognize the energy, the brilliance that you are, while at the same time playing in the universal existence.


Session Titles:


1. Setting The Tone For The Remainder Of This Workshop

2. Letting Go Of The Illusions Of Your Mind

3. Moving Into The Imagination Of The Self

4. Expanding The Awareness Into The Unknown

5. Making Choices In Which To Play

6. Digging Deep To Choose More

7. Moving Towards Creation

8. Application Of Awareness Into Choice

9. Exploring Again With Imagination

10. Unshackling The Limits That Are Holding You

11. You Too Can Create - Why Aren't You?

12. If You Could Choose Anything - What Would It Be?

13. Choosing That Which Has Never Been Chosen

14. Flying Beyond The Physical Limitations

15. Gearing Up For New Awareness

16. Everything Is - Why Can't You Choose It?

17. Blind As A Bat - Nowhere To Go

18. Loving Your Creation And Expanding It

19. Flexing Yourself To Go Deeper And Broader

20. Come Back You're Still Living Here


Total listening time: 07:13:00

Exploring The Universe Beyond The Physical - Series 799

SKU: 799-c-11
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