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This series will explore, to whatever degree you choose, the depth of group consciousness and how to move from a consciousness of separation to a consciousness of group


This series contains the following recordings:

1. What Created Existence?
2. Why The Choices Made?
3. The Benefit To Humanity Of These Choices
4. Digging Into The Psychology Of Self
5. Is There Another Word For Spirituality?
6. Six Days - Seven Nights - What A Retreat
7. Creation As A Spiritual Movement 
8. Applying Love To The Creation?
9. Seizing The Moment Of Opportunity

10. She Made Me Do It - Honest
11. No It Was Him

12. Polarity As A Spiritual Concept
13. Reexamining Definitions For Further Exploration
14. What A Life I've Had
15. Moving Into The God Energy
16. What Is God?
17. Creating A New Movement Forward
18. Living Without God


Total listening time: 11:13:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Exploring The Underlying Spiritual Philosophy Of Existence - Series 669

SKU: 669-c-09
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