This series is a journey of discovery led by Rene with guest appearances by The Wonders. This is an exploration that delves deeply into yourselves and the connection necessary to expand this. It is a complete exploration. But mostly, it involves interaction between yourself, your mind, your ego, those around you, and ourselves.


Session Titles:


1. You Are More Than You Think You Are


2. Designing A New You


3. Creating Choices To Expand The Self


4. Letting The Mind Follow These Choices


5. Laying The Framework For A Moving Existence


6. You Can Do This But You Must Choose


7. Giving Yourselves Freedom - Never Before Explored


8. Meditation To Expand The Consciousness - Now Required


9. Living The Dream And Dreaming The Life


10. Gaining The Vitality To Move Forward


11. Playful Exploration And Its Benefits


12. Can't Understand - Why Not?


13. I Should – I Could – I Will


14. This Is The Design – This Is The Reality


15. That Is The Brilliance That You've Always Sought


16. Where Do You Go From Here?


Total listening time: 06:19:00

Exploring The Underbelly Of The Self - Series 850

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