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In this series, The Wonders provide nine more keys to lead you to create. These keys will help you to explore the undefinability of existence, and as the series progresses, you'll come to realize all of your fears about the undefinable. Finally, you'll be led by The Wonders into a moment of complete appreciation of yourself and your brilliance, thus setting the stage for you to go deeper than you have ever gone before in your exploration.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Nine More Keys To Creativity 
Here we learn nine additional keys, or steps, that will lead us to create.


2. The Interrelationship Of Existence
An exploration of how every aspect of existence is related to every other aspect, including that which we perceive as undefinable. 


3. Individuality: Does It Fit?
A look at what defines and creates individuality and how this is different from separateness.


4. Becoming The I Am
In this session, the group is taken through various discussions to help them realize their essence.


5. Choosing To Grow 
It isn't sufficient to use the words "I choose". The choice must be made at all levels for growth to occur; and growth is the exploration of the undefinable. 


6. Hey Look At Us Now
Through intensive interactive discussion with the group, The Wonders help everyone appreciate their brilliance, even from the ego's perspective.


Total listening time: 06:15:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Exploring The Undefinable - Series 238

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