When you begin exploring that which separates human from animals, you begin to realize there a number of different concepts and constructs that, in effect, alter and shift the reality for yourself. It is this alteration and shifting that creates a separation. As a result, you find yourself looking at that which surrounds you as being different from you. As you go through this particular series you?ll discover for yourselves that there is a great deal of commonality between yourselves and that which surrounds you. Though that which surrounds you can be viewed as animals, insects, birds, fish, and this series uses animals as the basis for exploration, realize it applies to all sentient beings. In effect, this series is more of an exploration of human to all sentient beings that exist in the universe for, eventually, you will find that there are other sentient life forms surrounding you that are not of this planet.

Includes the following recordings:


1. This Will Be Difficult

2. What Is An Animal?

3. What Is A Human?

4. Where Do They Differ?

5. What's The Commonality?

6. Do They Not All Have Four Legs?

7. Moving Into The Energetic Connection

8. Can You Communicate With Animals?

9. Can You Communicate With Humans?

10. Boy Those Humans Are Stubborn

11. I Jump? I Beg? I Roll Around - And They Still Dont Get Itrn

12. I Give Them Direction? I Tell Them What To Do And I Feed Them? And They Still Dont Get Itrn

13. Going Deeper And Broader Into The Understandingrn

14. Is The Horse Before The Cart ? Or The Cart Before The Horse? What A Conundrumrn

15. Giving Up The Illusion Of Separationrn

16. You Can Gain An Advantage If Only You Let Gorn

17. Cruising At Altitude? Spotting a Mousern

18. Dive? Dive? Dive? Watch Out

19. Why Are Birds Different From Animals?

20. Is Not All Things Equal


Total listening time: 6:34:00

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Exploring The Separation Between Humans And Animals - Series 905

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