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This series is a complete exploration of how man and God – as a concept, construct, illusion, reality – are linked. The Wonders present to humanity a preview, if you will, of the next evolution of humanity’s relationship to God.

Session Titles:


1. Greetings

2. Understanding The Need

3. The Elevation Of Power

4. Maintaining The Separation

5. You Too Are One

6. Evolving The Concepts

7. Choosing A Direction

8. Manifesting God Consciousness

9. Using Judgment To Define

10. Stepping Outside Of The Box

11. Presenting A New Concept

12. Expanding On God

13. Is There Room For More?

14. Living Forward

15. A New Illusion Or A New Reality?

16. All That I Am You Are

17. No Mouthpiece Required

18. Taking It To The Next Level

19. The Evolution Of God

20. Do You Choose … Greetings To All


Total listening time: 07:47:00

Exploring The Relationship Of Man And God - Series 805

SKU: 805-c-11
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