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In this series, recorded during the 2001 Wednesday Study Group, you will explore in depth the concepts of teleportation, telepathy, aging, wealth, and telekinesis as methodologies that will lead you to manifest yourself limitlessly. 

Includes the following recordings:


1. Teleportation And Its Limits
As the title states, teleportation is reviewed.


2. Telepathy - How Does It Work
Here, The Wonders explain the inner workings of telepathy.


3. Aging And Its Implied Limits
The Wonders explore our concepts of aging, and show us the extent of our limited perceptions.


4. Wealth Beyond My Dreams
Here, The Wonders will talk about wealth being energy.


5. Becoming A Pencil Pusher: Part 2
Individuals do not see themselves as capable of creating movement without physical contact.


6. Just What Is Manifestation Anyway?
We always assume manifestation has to be physical. Here we explore manifestation.


Total listening time: 5:45:00


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    Exploring The Manifestations Of Limitlessness - Series 261

    SKU: 261-c-01
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