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This series explores your sense of sight and the limits you impose on it. You will explore a number of particular factors that will expand your perspectives of sight. For we assure you, you can remain in the existence in which you've created for yourselves based on the limits you had before you; or, you can expand based on a new awareness of sight, and the benefits that it has to your existence.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Seeing Is Believing
If you can see it, you will believe it. This statement reflects your limits to sight.

2. Physical Requirements For Sight
We all have a certain scientific perspective of what physical requirements are necessary for sight. You will learn how to expand your perceived limits of these in this session.

3. Mental, Emotional - Connections To Sight
An exploration of the mental and emotional components to sight, and how these can limit your ability to see.

4. Exercises To Expand Sight Consciousness
A series of exercises to perform are provided to help expand your sight. Participants who have practiced these exercises have reported an improvement in their sight.

5. Peek A Boo I See You
The mind is capable of interpreting all signals from the eyes, but because of belief structures, you limit your sight.

6. Choosing A New Sight Pattern
Seeing differently is not only seeing with the eyes; it also requires you to become inclusive, not exclusive, as you presently are.


Total listening time: 5:25:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Exploring The Limits Of Sight - Series 444

SKU: 444-c-04
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