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What is it that creates for you a resistance to choice and change?
In this series, The Wonders explore the limitations you use to limit yourself, to hold yourself into the illusion of insufficiency, of incapability, of inability.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Let's Begin The Process of Examination
2. Defining For Yourself Your Limitations
3. Let's Explore Two Of Them
4. Let's Explore Two More
5. Why Is This A Limitation?
6. What Judgments Can You Let Go Of?
7. Jumping Into The Fray
8. Getting Stimulated Yet?
9. Can't Figure It Out, Can You?
10. So You Think You Have It
11. No Amount Of Justification Will Get You What You Want
12. Thinking Beyond The Illusions You're Holding Onto
13. And We Did Mean Thinking
14. One Limitation, Two Limitations, Three Limitations, Four
15. This Is A Psychology, This Is A Belief
16. And This Is How You Use It To Limit Yourself
17. Today Is A New Day
18. Why Not Choose Something Else?
19. Is Choice Really That Difficult?
20. Go Out And Prove It

Total listening time: 5:06:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Exploring The Limitations That Hold You Back - Series 1162

SKU: 1162-c-18
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