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Being a parent is something most people aspire to, yet few truly realize. This series will move you to understand all of the limitations the parent concept incorporates. You will explore aspects of yourselves you had previously thought of, but not truly appreciated: from one perspective, you are all parents, whether you have had children or not; from another perspective, you are all children, whether you think you’ve had parents or not.

Includes the following recordings:


1. I Was A Child Once
An exploration of what it means to give away power, and how to get it back.

2. Live By My Rules
The group explores how rules are really limitations.

3. Please Don't Scare Me
We examine how we learn to fear.

4. Yes You Can, No You Can't
The group explores why parents send mixed messages, and how the child learns to be adaptable.

5. Give Me Back My Teddy Bear
We look at the illusion of what is child, and what is adult.

6. Oh Good I'm A Kid Again
It takes a lot of effort to maintain parent energy and very little to move towards child energy. Here, you explore what it would mean to move to that child energy.

Total listening time: 5:13:00

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Exploring The Limitations Of Parents - Series 297

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