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Marriage is a societal structure created in order to accommodate the concept of individuals becoming exclusive to each other. Over the years, over the centuries, over the millennia, the institution of marriage has become firmly entrenched into the psyche of individuals. So entrenched, in fact, that individuals do everything they can to arrive at that institution. This series explores these concepts and their underlying psychologies, and presents you with different psychologies that you can, if you choose, explore. This doesn't mean the institution of marriage is invalid; it doesn't mean the present concepts surrounding marriage are wrong. What this series presents is a different perspective, so that marriage can be explored without the limits that are presently inherent within the concepts you use to define marriage by.

Includes the following recordings:


1.Reexamining The Definitions Of Marriage

2.Digging Deeper Into The Fears

3.Lifting The Rocks To Find The Bugs

4.Examining The Push-Pulls That Create Differences

5.Exploring The Alternatives To Marriage

6. Digging Deeper - Choosing Lover


Total listening time: 3:31:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Exploring The Limitations Of Marriage - Series 555

SKU: 555-c-07
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