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This series, recorded during the 2004 Wednesday Study Group, explores cause and effect, what really happened during the Big Bang, how choice affects the universe, and much more.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Cause And Effect - Why Are They Related? 
Without cause and effect, the world would not exist as it is. The result might be a limitless way of existing. This session explores these concepts. 

2. Creating An Illusion That Really Works

If life is an illusion, realize the brilliance of your creation. It's an illusion that allows you to explore existence through fear.

3. The Big Bang - What Really Happened?
An amazing discussion of the moment of creation. New concepts presented including an exploration of present-day thinking based on scientific and religious perspectives.

4. I Was Once A Seed - Why Am I Changing?
You'll explore the beginning of consciousness as you know yourself to be and the extent to which everybody is a seed from the original source. 

5. Playing The Seventh Day Rest Card 
An interesting exploration of the concept that God rested on the seventh day and how this belief affects all of reality. 

6. Recreating Universal Reality - Is It Possible? 
The universe is not fixed in any way, but rather is a dynamic creation that is recreated as choice is made.


Total listening time:05:32:00

Exploring The Inner Workings Of The Universe - Series 420

SKU: 420-c-04
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