This series, recorded during the 2008 Tuesday Study Group, explores a variety of different influences and how they have changed the physicality, as well as the emotional and mental aspects of humanity. It will not touch on spirituality.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Laying the Foundation For This Series Of Studies The Wonders provide an awareness of the origins of humanity as a foundation for the explorations of humanity, DNA, and history.

2. Delving Into The Choice Of The Cagregos The Wonders provide an awareness of a civilization that originated humanity long before the discoveries of science.

3. Why Does History Repeat Itself? Does everyone always look for a new beginning? The Wonders explore why humanity makes choices that repeat themselves throughout history.

4. Learning The Value Of Geometry As It Relates To DNA The participants and The Wonders explore the nature of geometry and how learning its value relates to the concept of DNA.rn

5. Exploring The Influences Of Time On Present Choice The group explores the nature of time and how our perception of time affects our choices in the present.

6. Reexamining Humanity's DNA As It Presently Exists The Wonders provide the group with an awareness of how the human DNA is a reflection of human consciousness and how the two co-relate.



Total listening time:xa05:20:00rnrnrn

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Exploring The Inner Relationship Of Choice, DNA, And History - Series 614

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