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This series is a complete exploration of what happens once soul essence chooses to incarnate. The Wonders explore at what point the soul incarnates, why you have your talents and abilities, when fear is created, and so much more. 


Includes the following recordings:


1. Alright Who Gets To Choose?

Completely new concepts on which part of the self makes the choices that reflect the existence you are in.

2. When Do I Go In?

An examination of the moment of incarnation in relation to birthing or otherwise.

3. Choosing Talents And Abilities

Manifesting certain talents and abilities is chosen by the mind based on its judgment of the environment it finds itself in.

4. What Fears Will Be Created?

After the mind is created, fears are also created as a result of a perspective of insufficiency by the mind. These affect the incarnation process.

5. Deciding On The Level Of Judgment

Letting the mind make the decisions about life leads to a certain existence that is different from the original intent. The ego-personality must make the choices.

6. Whoopee - Here We Go

The Wonders lead the group in a discussion of the possibility of choosing a different direction for the remainder of their incarnation.

Total listening time: 5:12:00


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