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Experience the 2012 Annual Retreat. The retreat is a deep exploration of illusions you have not yet moved through, that are still present. Be in the room as participants are encouraged to move towards an expression of their brilliance manifested. This is the first retreat facilitated by Réné himself.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Setting up The Framework For Change

2. Digging Into Illusions That Are Present
3. Finding The Desire To Move Freely 

4. Expanding Beyond That Which Is Known Of The Self
5. Were Laughing At You
6. We're Laughing With You
7. More Illusions - More Laughter
8 . Getting Past The Choices Made So Far
9. Spaceships And Planets - let's Explore Them
10. Why The Change In Direction?
11. Can't Figure This Darn Thing Out
12. Four Statements To Change Existence
13. The Highway Of Life
14. Going Into The Abyss - Let's Not Be Too Afraid
15. There Is A Monster Under My Bed Mommy
16. Bright Sky - Bright Lights - Why Am I Blind?

17. See That Light - It's Coming Right For Me
18. No - It's Not A Train - It Looks Like...
19. I Give Up - I Have Nothing Left
20. Well - Maybe Just A Little Bit More
21. Is It Time Yet - Can We Really Change?
22. I've Made These Choices - Why Are You Still After Me?
23. Choose - Choose - Choose - You Can't Lose. Ha!
24. I Choose - I Move
25. Digging Into The Reality Beyond The Illusions
26. Shedding The Mantras That Are Holding Me Back
27. Getting Rid Of All Of The Religious Beliefs
28. Re-framing Myself
29. I Am Reborn - Here I am
30. I Am Man - Hear Me Roar
31. I Am Woman - Hear Me Roar
32. Just Hear Me Roar
33. Finding The Balance To My Expression
34. That Which I Am Is Love
35. An Expression Beyond All That You've Learned From Us
36. This Gift Of Life To You


Total listening time: 31:20:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Exploring The Illusions That Change Life - July 2012

SKU: 847-r-12
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