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The Wonders explore in depth the reliance of society on biomedics, including a comprehensive exploration of how biomedics came about and the potential impacts it will have on society.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Laying The Foundation

A comprehensive exploration of how biomedics came about and the history of its application to humanity since before Atlantis.

2. Building The Structure 

Expressing the awareness that biomedical engineering is being used to control society mainly through food alteration, The Wonders present the possibility of a pandemic event to humanity in 18-20 years if biomedics continue on the present course and discuss how this can be changed.

3. Completing The Puzzle

Understanding and appreciating the extent to which you can choose to expand the consciousness around biomedics is only part of the puzzle. You must also be willing to appreciate the brilliance surrounding biomedics.

4. Marketing The Illusion 

Presently, many in society are using their soap boxes as a way to counteract the multinational corporations advertising of biomedic benefits. Learning that a whisper is louder than a scream is what this session is about. 

5. Convincing The Public 

Biomedic corporations are using their resources to convince you that the benefit to society far outweighs the benefit to the individual. Changing this perception and methodology is necessary in order to gain the full benefits of biomedics.

6. You're All Fools. Ha, Ha.

Having explored in detail the effect of biomedic technology on the individual and society, it's now time to set aside the necessity to force a perspective on others and instead choose dialogue on the basis of self awareness. This will lead society into the next great revolution of consciousness.


Total listening time:05:52:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.


Exploring The Illusion Of Biomedics - Series 394

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