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Most individuals define inclusivity as something that they have to do, something that they must do, something that they cannot do without. In truth, inclusivity is nothing more than expanding your energy sufficiently to allow all things to be at one with you. The key is to realize that inclusivity allows for the movement towards no judgement, for the movement towards oneness, for the movement towards appreciation of self and others, for the movement towards appreciation of all of existence. Inclusivity will move you towards all six Defining Statements Of Existence given to you by The Wonders. This series is a complete exploration of the concepts surrounding inclusivity.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Inclusivity - Just What Is It?

A discussion of the meaning of inclusivity and the benefits of being inclusive in your life.

2. Why Not Exclusivity?

The question asked is, if inclusivity is so difficult, why not be exclusive? The answer is explored.

3. The Benefits Of Choosing

Choice is the core essence of all of existence. If inclusivity is the allowance of all things, then is choice an allowance that is included, or must you choose in order to allow?

The answers are explored in this session.

4. Can I Control This?

Even though you may believe that you cant control inclusivity, that doesn't mean you won't try. This session will help you explore that desire.

5. Meditations To Expand The Inclusive Choice

Three meditations are provided to help you expand your concepts of inclusivity and the choices to make.

6. A Further Exploration Of The Concept

In the last session, participants are guided to explore, in greater detail, their choices of inclusivity.

Total listening time: 5:13:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Exploring The Concept Of Inclusivity - Series 430

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