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Explore God/Goddess/The All That Is from a new perspective. Take all that you've learned up to this point, and extend it to your perspectives around The All That Is.


This, as a result of that, will be a complete exploration leading you to that last final session. - The Wonders

Session Titles:


1. Building On The New Perspective Presented Previously

2. You Have A Concept – Now What Will You Do?

3. Molding - Informing Is Part Of The Equation

4. Applying It To The Practical Ego

5. Does The Mind Have To Accept?

6. Gaining A Broadening And Exploring That

7. You Too Can Create More – Just Choose More

8. Given The Limits Of Your Understanding – What Is The Next Step?

9. Who Says I’m Limited?

10. All That Is And Its Applications

11. Rewriting The History Of Humanity

12. All Things Are Not Always Created Equal

13. If Not Equal – What Then?

14. Fairy Fairy On The Wall

15. Who Amongst You Has It All?

16. Changing The Dragon

17. No – Asians Do Not Have It Better

18. Where Is Humanity Truly Heading?

19. Can It Be Altered And Shifted?

20. An Introspective – A Retrospective – An Exploration Of All Of Humanity


Total listening time: 05:50:00

Exploring The All That Is From A New Perspective - Series 971

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