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Complete collection of the 2012 Thursday study group entitled “Exploring Everything By Choosing It.”

This study group will be a complete study on everything, as everything is, and it will involve choice. It will assist you, if you choose, to expand your life, to become more proactive, more active, to choose more. It will explore the possibilities and the probabilities of your existence, of your lives. And if you choose it will lay the framework for the following year and its further exploration of your life. We would recommend that all those in this particular study group, if you can, attend the retreat that is coming in 2012 for it will be intimately tied to this whole perspective. - The Wonders

Includes the following recordings:


January - 1. Setting The Framework For The Exploration
February - 2. Expanding The Choices To Everything
March - 3. No More Excuses – Let’s Do It
April - 4. Can’t Keep Talking – Must Start Choosing
May - 5. If Everything Is Everything – What’s Taking So Long?
June - 6. Tickling The Underbelly Of Choice
July - 7. You Can’t Pick And Choose – You Have No Time Left
August - 8. Space, Time And Reference Do Not Exist
September - 9. Perceptions Are Shifting – What Do You Choose?
October - 10. You Can – You Must – Will You?
November - 11. All That Is Beauty Is Present
December - 12. Setting The Framework For The Next Exploration Of All

Exploring Everything By Choosing It - Study Group 868

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