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The more you exercise your ability to choose freely, the more you move towards the state of enlightenment. In this series, you will explore enlightenment through your sexuality. You will consider what you're trying to achieve. Based on what enlightenment is, are you trying to achieve a control of yourself, a physical control, a physical manifestation of yourself, so that you can express yourself sexually, in a certain way, in a certain form, under certain circumstances, based on certain conditions and certain parameters, based on society, morality, religion, etc.? Or, are you really just looking to choose freely based on the opportunity presented to you?


This series will be an exercise of choosing freely the opportunities that are presented to you. The Wonders will present you with all kinds of constructs and ideas, some of which will have to do with sexuality, some of which will not. Some of which will trigger you, some of which won't. Some of it you'll enjoy, some of it you won't. What do you do with it? Do you say to yourself?I must, I must, I must. I can't, I can't, I can't. I should, I should, I should? Or, do you just choose freely? This will be your exploration in this series.

Includes the following recordings:


1. A Deeper Exploration Of The Concept Of Enlightenment

2. Feeling The Movement As It Goes Forward

3. Creating Love For The Self

4. Let's Get The Juices Flowing

5. Sexual Energy Explained Again

6. You Are The Brilliance Through Which All Things Are Created

7. Becoming A Commanding Presence

8. Using Sexual Energy To Expand On The Command

9. Giving Of The Self Freely

10. Removing The Blockages That Are Left Over

11. Choosing To Move Beyond The Limitations Of The Mind

12. Giving Your All To All That Surrounds You

13. Sexually Expressive, Lovingly Commanding

14. Using Movement Once Again To Expand Your Consciousness

15. Deeper Exploration Of Your Sexuality - Never Before Done

16. Lifting The Veils That She Wears, Chuckle, Chuckle

17. Kundalini Energy. Is It Real?

18. Chi Energy And The Movement To Enlightenment

19. Expanding The Knowledge That Humanity Has

20. Owning The Brilliance Of All That You've Learned

Total listening time: 8:34:00


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Exploring Enlightenment Through The Sexual Energy - Series 725

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