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The purpose of this series is to expand the energy of The Defining Statements - expand the energy to the point where these particular statements will be infused into every word, every action, every phrase, every thought, every choice, every opportunity, every circumstance, and every situation that mankind can create.


This particular series is designed specifically to enhance the energy of these statements. Eventually, The Wonders will create and are creating workshops that will take this further. But you cannot go to the end of the line until you know the beginning. And so, in this workshop, The Wonders assist you into a deeper, broader understanding of six small statements that have to some degree shifted you, but that could so much more to change your lives.

Includes the following recordings:


1. I Know It All
All participants have been students of the Defining Statements and know them well. But in this session, they are led to the realization that there is more to explore.


2. What More Is There?
You will realize that you are still not choosing freely, and that fear is the main basis of your choices.


3. Said It Before - Don't Say It Again
Choice is often ignored until it becomes so insistent that only that one choice can be made. Choosing freely and easily is where you must be willing to go.


4. I'll Do You - You Do Me
Most people don't realize the benefits of everyone and everything being a mirror to themselves, so they fall into the trap of blaming others for their own choices.


5. Ho, Hum - Happy, Happy, Happy
When you study the Defining Statements, you might think they will make you happy and will eliminate your problems. You must come to learn that your choices create your joy and happiness.


6. What's Love All About?
Love is the inclusivity of existence where all is possible and probable. The sixth Defining Statement is about love but do you really truly understand love? This session will help you gain a deeper and broader understanding of love.


Total listening time: 5:06:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Expansion Of The Defining Statements: Level 1 - Series 451

SKU: 451-c-05
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