An extraordinary resource of information, energy and vibrational patterns designed to provide the reader with an ease of movement as well as an opportunity to expand in any direction he or she would choose and thus become aware of the dreams and vision they have for their life.


Among many other topics, The Wonders explore:

  • The exact size, shape, location and color vibration of each of the seven main chakras of the human physicality
  • The physical, emotional, mental and manifested spiritual issues surrounding each of these lower chakras
  • The next five chakras that lie beyond the first or lower seven
  • The bridges between the lower and higher chakras
  • The Center of Enlightenment
  • The Center of Advancement
  • The Center of Time
  • The Center of Attunement
  • The Center of Choice
  • The Center of Nothingness
  • The seventh sense or Sense of Wonderment and the specific chakras tied into this unexplored sense

Expanding The Understanding Of Chakras - eBook

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