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In their third published book, The Wonders debunk many of today’s commonly-held beliefs regarding the body's energy centers – or to be more precise, the energy centers of the physicality as expressed in 3rd-dimensional reality. Beginning with the seven main chakras, the readers are led on an informative and comprehensive tour of these often misunderstood and under-utilized energy centers. And – for the first time ever – The Wonders introduce the higher chakras that lie beyond the first seven. 

Learn about:

  • The exact size, shape, location and color vibration of each of the seven main chakras of the human physicality
  • The physical, emotional, mental and manifested spiritual issues surrounding each of these lower chakras
  • The next five chakras that lie beyond the first or lower seven
  • The bridges between the lower and higher chakras
  • The Center of Enlightenment
  • The Center of Advancement
  • The Center of Time
  • The Center of Attunement
  • The Center of Choice
  • The Center of Nothingness
  • The seventh sense or Sense of Wonderment and the specific chakras tied into this

Expanding The Understanding Of Chakras - eBook

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