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The second workshop of 2018 is an exploration of the concepts of allowance that humanity uses and how they interfere with the true movement of the self into spirituality.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Mummy, Can I Have My Allowance Please?
2. That's Not Enough
3. How Can I Get More?
4. When Can I Get More?
5. Why Is There Not More?
6. Oh, Well. I'll Settle.
7. It Is Time To Really Change?
8. What Can You Get With Allowance?
9. The Basis Of Spiritual Living
10. Using That Which You Have Allowed Yourselves
11. Daddy Doesn't Play
12. Allowance Is Not Getting
13. So What Is It, Allowance?
14. Giving The Benefit Of Awareness
15. With Awareness, Can There Be Allowance?
16. Moving Past The Mental Concepts
17. The Rigidity Of Mentality Is Stopping You
18. You Cannot Comprehend What You Are Not Willing To Observe
19. Though You May Allow, You Have Yet To Choose
20. There Is More To Explore On This Subject

Total listening time: 4:45:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Expanding The Understanding Of Allowance - Series 1122

SKU: 1022-c-18
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