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Complete collection of the 2016 Wednesday study group.

This will be an exploration as a group, with each individual learning to appreciate each other, love each other, connect with each other more so that you may expand the love within group consciousness.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Big Hugs Everyone (January)
2. No Groping, No Feeling, Just Love (February)
3. That's My Ass Take Your Hand Off (March)
4. Can You Get Closer Please? (April)
5. A Little Rub, No Tug Thank You Very Much (May)
6. Disappointment Reigns Supreme (June)
7. Can This Be Truly Created, Or Are We Afraid? (July)
8. Transcending The Physical Into The Emotional, The Mental And The Spiritual (August)
9. Kiss Me Quick! Don't Give Me A Hickey (September)
10. Forehead To Forehead? Exchange Of Energy (October)
11. Kindness In The Exploration Choosing The Coming Year (November)
12. Acknowledging The Growth, Appreciating The Connection (December)

Total listening time: 6:39:00

    Expanding The Love Within Group Consciousness - Study Group 1065

    SKU: 1065-c-16
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