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This series is an exploration of existence beyond the physical self in which you can move yourselves into a non-physical reality and then choose the form you wish to take. Or, you could end up staying in your mind and having a really good time.

Session Titles:


1. A Review Of The Beginning

2. Choosing To Let Go Of The Attachments

3. Physical Expressions Of Energetic Selves

4. Meditations To Enhance The Process

5. Practicing Letting Go

6. Guidance On The Journey To Nowhere

7. Love Energy Applied To The Process

8. You Exist Outside Of Yourself

9. Shedding The Skin That Holds You Back

10. Energetic Movement Of The Self

11. Brilliant Energy Manifested

12. Expanding Beyond The Known Of The Self

13. You Must Now Choose Or Go Back

14. This Is Not The Game You Thought It Was

15. Expression Of Ourselves

16. We Are The Light And The Fog - Choose Now

17. Exploring With Your Imagination

18. Choose Your Form


Total listening time: 08:04:00

Existing Beyond The Physical - Series 763

SKU: 763-c-11
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