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The concept that existence can be fun is often forgotten. The Wonders remind you in this series that all of existence - not just part of it - is fun and that the joy of existence comes from experiencing all of it. 

The Wonders touch upon our necessity to focus on pain, choosing what we desire, why we live through other people, how control affects our intensity, and so much more.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Let's Play In The Mud 
The intensity of our existence expands through playfulness, but all that we can see is the pain of existence, which is created through our judgments.


2. It's Your Turn
A discussion of how the games we play in life limit our experience of intensity.


3. I Want It All Now!!
"Intensity comes from continually choosing that which you desire - that which your will has chosen." An examination of this statement.


4. The Journey To Infinity 
The introduction of concepts such as continuity and constancy of ego and the "one ego" perspective.


5. Tell Me Oh Great One
A look at how our own perspective of insufficiency moves us to view existence through others, and limits our intensity.


6. Its All Poppycock 
An examination of how we use control to move us away from our intensity of existence.


Total listening time: 06:05:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Existence Is Fun - Series 209

SKU: 209-c-00
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